Sebastiano Bernuzzi (Parma)
Neutron star binaries

Alessandra Buonanno (AEI – Potsdam)
Modeling Gravitational Waves from Compact-Object Binaries

Thibault Damour (IHES – Bures sur Yvette)
Gravitational Waves and Binary Systems

Walter Del Pozzo (Pisa)
Gravitational Waves Data Analysis

Martin Hewitson (AEI – Hannover)
Spaceborne interferometers

Luis Lehner (Perimeter – Waterloo)
Binary systems and GR tests

Giovanni Losurdo (VIRGO Pisa)
Ground based detectors

Elena Pian (INAF IASF Bologna)
Electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational wave sources

Alberto Sesana (Birmingham)
Low frequency GW sources